SC2: US-India Smart and Connected Communities Workshop

June 9-11, 2016, IIT Delhi

Dear All,
Thanks you again for agreeing to attend the US-India SC2 workshop in New Delhi. With you on board, we will have a strong group of experts for the discussions.

To prepare for the discussions, please send us a two-page position statement by May 5th. Please organize your statement in the following four sections.

1. Research expertise and experience in the area of smart and connected communities. In coordination with our Indian partners, the workshop will include three thrusts: (1) smart healthcare, (2) smart buildings and energy systems, and (3) disaster response and recovery. Please describe your prior research and expertise in one or more of these areas and their underlying ICT technologies

2. Best practices in system deployment - what works and what are the technical and non-technical challenges in deploying technology in smart and connected communities. A unique aspect of research in this area lies in the deployment and management of smart systems in real-world communities with broader impacts. It will be helpful to describe your prior experience and lessons learned in system deployment in community settings.

3. Testbed and data sets - what you have or need. in building synergistic collaboration between US and India. A unique opportunity in US-India collaboration lies in sharing testbed and data sets that will allow researchers to generalize and compare research in different settings. What testbed and data sets have you developed or used in your research? What types of testbed and data sets that would be helpful to your research?

4. Ideas for US/India collaboration. Please share your ideas on ways to facilitate and leverage US/India collaboration in smart and connected communities. Please also highlight any prior collaborations you may have and outcome of those collaborations.